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Discover the first four missions that AccelerateEstonia support in the period 2019-2020

Mission 1

Nomad Security

We are creating social services in the form of health insurance and pensions to the underserved digital nomad community. While more individuals are able to and choose to lead the digital nomad lifestyle, many of them indicate that the choice includes a lack of security. We plan to build options that would provide digital nomads with the freedom to choose a lifestyle that suits them without opting out of the services that ensure their health and future.

Team lead:

Vira Suarez

Ministry of Social Affairs, Health Insurance Fund, Ministry of Finance, Social Insurance Board

Mission 2

Excess Materials Flow

Excess Materials Flow is a centralised online database with live streams of manufacturing by-products and leftover materials. We’re aiming at creating a comfortable solution for the companies which can bring them and state mutual benefits. Our aim is to create a comfortable solution for companies that can use by-products as input materials and the state that can benefit from the data by gaining important insights regarding the current waste situation.

Team lead:

Mayri Tiido

Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Mission 3

KYC service

KYC service is once only KYC profile app or a portal, which collects existing data available in different databases. The system delivers the data to the obliged entities, as well will exchange the KYC data in between obliged entities. The solution works in real-time and is paperless.

Team lead:

Rainer Osanik

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Finance

Mission 4


e-CRM brings the digital shift in cross-border logistics. We are creating a paperless real-time e-logistics ecosystem, a data exchange platform that streamlines the supply chain and makes services transparent. We combine road transport documents with an electronic customs declaration and ensure that all server-related services and resources are available for backup and recovery.

Team lead:

Heiti Mering

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

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