We are solving wicked problems and turning them into new ideas that better serve the citizens and create economic value. It’s a platform for different ministries, the public and the private sector, experts and leaders to join forces and build new innovation.


Mission 1

Idea lead: Pirko Konsa

Digital Mobility Services

MaaS XT is a platform which connects all kinds of transportation service providers (bus, train, taxi, car rental, etc.), allowing new kinds of services to enter the market where all purchases needed for a trip can be made on one platform and one transaction.

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Mission 2

Countering Information Warfare

Sentinel’s vision is to establish Estonia as the leading country in the world when it comes to the fight against information warfare. We are creating a completely new market and the growth of businesses within this market, and in the long run economic growth and an increase in societal well-being.

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Idea lead: Johannes Tammekänd

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