Get lost, COVID 19!

We don’t believe in superstitions and declare the 13 and Friday as the most innovative day in the year. 13 March 2020 also marks the date when the Estonian government declared an emergency situation in connection with the global coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that the virus may spread locally.

Various startups, companies and organisations allow employees to work from home. This is the time when we can truly become an e-nation. E-Estonia.

Now is the time to design, test, and execute moonshot ideas that will help us deal with the crisis and create new, competitive business models for the future.

In other words – let’s create moonshot ideas now! And by now we mean today. This is why AccelerateEstonia will host the ad hoc hackathon together with the support from the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology Kaimar Karu.

What? A hackathon!
When? Now – from 13-15 March
Where? Online!

The hackathon will start on 13 March at 18:00 and during the 48 hours we invite everyone to brainstorm the ideas that:

  • create solutions to the crisis situations,
  • can be tested in 48 hours,
  • will give a strong competitive advantage to Estonia for the post-crisis phase.

The 5 strongest ideas will receive a €5000 support to develop their idea during the emergency situation. Don’t hold yourself back. Make impossible ideas possible. Create tangible solutions for the things that need to be changed also in the regulations. Think and join the hackathon!

Upload your idea to Guaana platform.
Join the hackathon in Slack!

Tomorrow is today!