AccelerateEstonia (aE!) is a program that searches significant complex problems to accelerate their resolution through an incubation program. Currently, aE! program has 4 projects and now we want to find new ideas to test the program’s new approach. To that, we are announcing an idea-collection session!

We are looking for complex problems with high potential and clear market need, also it’s important that the state has the focal role in the possible solution. The Council considers successful an idea that has a clear set of problems, the development of which creates a new market in Estonia, adds value to the private and public sector, has strong team expertise in the field and has the support of a senior public sector executive. AccelerateEstonia’s new approach involves selecting up to 5 problem poses and supporting them in 3-month validation period. After validation, we can provide further financial support up to 100,000€ for successful ideas. We also reserve the right not to grant support this time.

In order to participate in the idea-collection process, you need to submit your problem solution no later than 15.01.2020 at 18.00 (GMT+2) The application form is HERE. All questions in the application are mandatory, you may include up to 5 minutes video, pitch deck, canvas, etc. PS. don’t forget to read 3 important points you should know.

The application will be evaluated on the basis of 5 main criteria:

  • The idea. What is the complex and urgent problem you would like to address? Describe the importance and consequences of the problem if it is not solved? What could be the solution? What technology, process or approach is needed to implement the solution? Give examples of how the solution would work. (Weight 20%)
    The problem overview is understandable, target group and the importance of the problem are described. Also add the consequences if the problem is not solved now, including how the problem is being resolved at the moment. Describe the proposed solution (technology, process, approach), the idea essence is innovative and creating a new market. In addition, there is an example or examples of how the solution works if it has already been developed.
  • Team. Describe your personal connection to the field, including business experience or experience in the public sector or academy. Are there any other contributors to your team – what is their role? (20%)
    The high level of competence of the proposer in this field and his / her experience in the business, public sector and / or academy are described. Also is mentioned the team members, along with the knowledge and experience that is essential to develop the idea (add links to team member’s Linkedin profiles).
  • Market potential. Describe how your idea could turn a complex problem into a new competitive advantage for Estonia. What is the value proposition that will be created for the private sector? What is the international potential or exportability? (20%)
    The description of the market potential is understandable- it describes how developing a solution creates a new market and brings economic growth. Also shows what is the value proposition to the private sector. In addition, export opportunities are clearly described.
  • The state role. Describe why the role of the public sector is required to implement this innovation. What kind of change needs to be lead by the public sector in order to make the change happen. Why can’t you do without it? Name the senior executives from the public sector to whom you have introduced the idea, show their feedback and interests. Attach a confirmation letter from public partners who have shown support for developing the idea. (20%)
    The description of the role of the state in implementing the idea is clear and detailed – it describes the importance of the role of the public sector and points out the need for cooperation between several administrative sectors. In addition, there are clear expectations for public sector partners to develop the idea. An important element is a real contact with top public sector executives, who were approached (show what positive and negative feedback they had). Supporting letters from partners who are willing to support the idea development are included.
  • Validation. How would you test your idea in 3-months period? Describe the experiment and the tools needed for it? (20%)
    The description of the validation process plan is clear and detailed. An experiment or experiments, which are planned to be carried out in 3 months-long period, are described to prove the feasibility and necessity of developing the idea and the importance of further financial investment by the state. The resources needed for the experiment are specifically stated.

Applications will be judged by the AccelerateEstonia team and the Deputy Secretary General associated with the idea.


15.01.2020 18:00 Deadline for submitting your idea by filling the application form HERE

24.01.2020 We will announce the best ideas, who have the opportunity to present their ideas to the AccelerateEstonia council members

The council selects up to 5 projects for which AccelerateEstonia provides financial support to conduct a 3-month experiment and prove the importance of the idea concept. After the validation period, we will provide the best ones with further financial support and a place in the incubation program for up to 100,000€.

The results will be announced in the first half of February. In the absence of a suitable candidate, we reserve the right not to grant support this time.