Young business woman working at the computer in cafe on the rock. Young girl downshifter working at a laptop at sunset or sunrise on the top of the mountain to the sea, working day.
We are driven by the main idea – that the way people choose to live today doesn’t always fit current social service structures.

Nomad security

Vira Suarez
Vira Suarez
Nomad Security

Many individuals are choosing a lifestyle in which they don’t approach travel as for only leisure or business, but rather embrace a view that it is both.

People who continuously travel while working can easily fall out of the various “residency” requirements from governments that ensure their social benefits, such as health insurance, pensions, and other services. We believe choosing to travel the world while working doesn’t equal to no longer needing social safety nets.

Focusing In

We are limiting our efforts on two key services that everyone needs at some point – health insurance and pensions. We all get sick and we are all ageing – irrelevant of if we’ve never left our country of birth or our passport is running out of pages to stamp. The reality is that those who travel extensively are navigating complex health insurance and pension industries that are also built on ideas that don’t apply to this forward-thinking group of people. We believe we can design solutions that are reliable, trustworthy, and as innovative as the people who would use them.

The How

Health insurance and pensions already exist in both the public and private sectors. However, neither sector has prepared itself for the shift in residency and employment relationships, that commonly determine how these services are offered and delivered. We plan to create services that are defined by the needs of the new global workforce in coordination with private sector partners and the backing of the Estonian government.