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If you could change any law to enable a new business model, what would it be?
Accelerate Estonia has chosen the United Kingdom as its focus market for 2024

Removing regulatory barriers

Government-backed Accelerate Estonia holds the mandate to remove regulatory barriers for entrepreneurs developing scalable solutions to global problems. We are currently seeking UK entrepreneurs who are ready to convert regulatory challenges into substantial market opportunities.

“If you had a country, what would you do with it? Estonia offers you the chance to find out.”
Viljar Lubi
Ambassador of Estonia to the United Kingdom
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Value Offer

We support UK companies facing domestic legal obstacles by promptly repealing or amending the relevant restrictive legislation in Estonia, enabling their continued development. Companies accepted into the program gain substantial public sector support. This includes funding towards the pilot project to test and validate innovative solutions, along with thorough marketing and communication assistance to aid expansion into new territories.

Selection criteria

  • A clear need for regulatory change/intervention from the Estonian public sector. The key diffrentiator of Accelerate Estonia in the world of incubators and accelerators is that we carry through regulatory change.
  • The solution addresses global challenges and likewise creates global solutions and through scalability creates economic opportunities for Estonia.
  • The product/service should be ready to meaningfully pilot the solution at a minimum, not at an idea stage.
  • We focus on B2B and B2C, not B2G business models.
  • The team should be well established and already committed to this solution.

Successful applicants can use Estonia as a dynamic testbed to refine, launch, and expand their solutions across the EU.