3 important points you should know before…

8. Jan 2020

The AccelerateEstonia (aE!) program is a unique example in the world. The program brings together experts from the private and public sector to work together to address complex societal challenges where the market is not functioning today.

Each problem has a set of different problems that require cooperation between experts and organizations in the field. Unlocking the problem must give the vision of how to create a new market and a new competitive advantage for Estonian companies. It is important to note that aE! is not supporting individual companies, but entrepreneurs and senior executives with the passion and mission to find a new success story for their entire sector.

What is a complex problem? For example, experts from the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Finance and the Social Insurance Board need to work together to create a pension and health insurance solution for digital nomads. As a result of collaboration, a set of issues will be identified to find out why this idea is not realized yet so far. Solving those issues helps us to increase prosperity and economic benefits for the various parties involved. 

The program aim is to identify the kind of key challenges that together can help to drive developments in this specific area. In this way, we improve the competitiveness of businesses and stimulate economic activity. Of course, we also want to leave a mark on the international scene, so the problem solution must also create export success stories.

Important notes you should be aware of before applying for aE! program: 

(1) The problem must re-design the outdated processes. What needs to be changed in the processes in order to solve your set problem? Create a vision that helps us to understand why your problem is important and why it can only be solved by working with the public sector.

(2) Contact with senior public sector experts / institutions, who play an important role in formulating the problem, developing and implementing the solution. Without leading support, there will be no innovation. The plus points are earned by those who have involved more than one public sector body in the realization of their idea.

(3) Describe beneficiaries (eg consumers, manufacturers, retail chains, policymakers, etc.). What value do you offer for different parties and how do you increase their competitive advantage?

Expectations are high and what’s there to hide, chance to participate in the aE! program is also challenging. How to be successful? The project managers involved with the program say, that you must be passionate for the field you are innovating. This is indeed a good observation. In addition, we also provide financial support so that you can involve experts and outsource external knowhow. 

Ready to apply? Then do it HERE and no later than 15.01.2020 at 18.00 (GMT+2).