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Grab2Go: Enabling 24/7 automated pharmacies


Current regulations, dictating pharmacy hours and mandating pharmacist presence during sales, are hindering progress in the pharmaceutical sector. Urgent legislative changes are imperative to foster an environment conducive to innovation and progress.


Health concerns don’t adhere to convenience. They strike unexpectedly, often leaving individuals in urgent need, especially when it comes to access to essential medications. The scarcity of pharmacists, especially in rural areas, is a growing concern not just in Estonia but across Europe. This shortage directly impacts pharmacy hours, particularly on weekends, exacerbating the already strained availability of crucial medications.

Estonia aims to lead the way in innovative resource management, leveraging technology to streamline the distribution of medical resources efficiently. The increasing reliance on emergency services solely for obtaining medication stems from outdated regulations, causing a mismanagement of resources. 


In pursuit of this vision, Accelerate Estonia is partnering with Grab2Go, a self-service pharmacy solution company. This innovative approach aims to provide an automated means to purchase over-the-counter medications while offering access to professional pharmacist advice through video consultations. 

Their solution optimizes resources by enabling a single pharmacist to assist patients from any corner of Estonia through video consultations, breaking geographical barriers. It also grants pharmacists more time for face-to-face consultations, allowing them to apply their expertise effectively.

End Goal

The collaboration between Accelerate Estonia and Grab2Go involves various stakeholders, including public institutions, private partners, and industry. Together, we define use cases, establish the necessary legislative framework, and conduct risk analyses with mitigation strategies.

The goal of our collaboration is to integrate the idea of self-service pharmacies within the framework of the Medicines Act.