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Let’s make illegal stuff legal

Accelerate Estonia creates experimental collaborations between exceptional entrepreneurs and the Government of Estonia to turn wicked problems into economic opportunities.

We are looking for novel solutions that might be highly uncertain, but if they succeed will solve a global challenge and create significant economic returns. If your solution is audacious, has a compelling business case for Estonia, and needs public sector action then you have come to the right place.

We are looking for ideas that

  • Provide a game-changing solution to a wicked problem in Estonia that can be scaled globally.
  • Develop a significant economic opportunity for Estonia.
  • Create or catalyse systemic change in Estonia with the public sector.

We offer

  • Regulatory and Policy Hacking with one of the world’s most agile public sectors.
  • Dealmaker support team of evangelists working inside the public sector to discover and agree a partnership with the Government of Estonia.
  • Access to our EU-wide community for policy change, market access and funding.
“Accelerate Estonia’s role is to get the public sector working so efficiently that true systemic change could prosper. And if that needs regulatory change, then so be it.”
Kersti Kaljulaid
Former President of Estonia
Foto - Jake Farra

Have more questions?
Get in touch with our experiments lead – calum@accelerateestonia.ee