Accelerate Estonia starts off the new year with a new batch of companies

11. Jan 2023

We’ve hand-picked 6 teams who, together with our public sector team, are currently in the process of validating their challenge and mapping the potential of creating a systemic change. In January they will face the mission board to decide whether they will continue in Accelerate Estonia.

Skycorp is aiming to create a country-wide sandbox for the development of UAV technologies to make Estonia the hotspot for UAV development in Europe.

Gelatex wants to bring cultivated meat to the mainstream to reduce the impact that meat production has on climate, biodiversity, health, and animal welfare. They want to establish Estonia as the cultivated meat production centre for Europe.

äio tech is a biotechnology start-up producing alternative fats and oils from low-value biomass to replace non-sustainable palm and coconut oils and animal fats in feed and food products.

Metadvice is developing AI solutions to reduce cardiovascular disease through personalised projections and prevention. They want to work with Estonia as a data testbed for novel health solutions.

Inspectwise is creating a network of gig-working inspectors that help car buyers avoid being scammed by criminals or dishonest car dealers. Through this they intend to extend a car’s life expectancy by 10 years to reduce climate impacts of manufacturing.

BEKHealth sees the potential for Estonia to be established as the first country-scale testbed for personalised health solutions, developed rapidly through trusted sharing of personal health data via the DigInEst platform.

Be ready to hear more about the new teams and their challenges at the beginning of 2023.