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Grab2Go joins Accelerate Estonia to develop 24/7 pharmacies

30. Jul 2023

Grab2Go and Accelerate Estonia Initiate Collaboration to Develop Legal Framework for 24/7 Pharmacies, Improving Access to Medications

Grab2Go and Accelerate Estonia have joined forces to jointly clarify the legal framework for the operation of self-service pharmacies. This cooperation creates a new market for automated and contactless availability of pharmaceutical products, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs, revolutionizing access to medications and placing Estonia at the forefront of health technology innovation.

During the preparation phase led by Accelerate Estonia, relevant public sector institutions and private sector partners will be involved to define use cases and establish the legislative basis for self-service pharmacies. Additionally, a joint risk analysis will be conducted, along with the development of risk mitigation solutions. The collaboration will also explore international markets and direct investment opportunities into Estonia.

The cooperation will yield significant results including the identification of economic opportunities, necessary changes within the public sector, and the implementation of a pilot program to showcase innovative solution. 

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Accelerate Estonia to develop a legal framework for self-service pharmacies,” said Mart Viilipus, CEO of Grab2Go. “This partnership paves the way for the long-waited introduction of technology in this sector. This represents a significant opportunity for Estonia both domestically and internationally.”

Accelerate Estonia is a governmental innovation lab that conducts unique experiments in collaboration with the public and private sectors, identifying regulatory obstacles and enabling entrepreneurs to create new markets while addressing systemic challenges faced by the public sector.

Grab2Go AS is a provider of autonomous pharmacy solutions. Their cutting-edge technology enables convenient access to pharmaceutical products outside traditional pharmacy opening hours. Grab2Go’s mission is to revolutionize the pharmacy industry by leveraging automation and digital innovation.

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