Hack the Crisis: from idea to execution in just 6 hours

14. Mar 2020

We Estonians don’t know how to just stay still and do nothing in the midst of the crisis – we act and we hack! Together with Accelerate Estonia and with the big help from the community people, we put together an online hackathon in record time to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic crisis and emerge from the crisis stronger than ever. With just 6 hours we managed to get 96 ideas, 830+ people in the event Slack and by now, we have amazing 27 teams working!

Here is the list of the teams that took the challenge to design, test and launch moonshot ideas that will either help tackle the crisis or position Estonia well for the aftermath:

  1. SafeHouse – Create an app that helps people to regain control over their lives in times when everyone feels completely helpless.
  2. Tutor.id – Tutoring service for school kids who are in quarantine, they can learn and study for their exams, also help teachers who are risking be out of their paid leave to earn extra income.
  3. CureAssist – Reinforced with the best tools of AI and machine learning, CureAssist makes smart healthcare possible.
  4. Corona-tracker by Velmio – Tool using SPO2 & HR sensors in modern smartwatches to monitor the progression of Coronavirus & recovery.
  5. Eˉlektron – People watching the theatrical piece with their own live webcams – an online “collective group” experience.
  6. Share Force One – Workforce sharing platform that connects B2B sides for temporary workforce exchange (keeping existing work agreements).
  7. Self-assessment app – Online questionnaire for residents detailing their current health status along with the current location, resulting in visualized and location data. This app also allows seeing the infected person’s travel history, contact them and do a follow-up on their current health status.
  8. Koroonakaart.ee – Dashboard for Estonian Coronavirus stats and spread.
  9. AgileEmployment – The existing Employment Contract Act holds back the opportunities of modern working methods like remote working which is very important in the current situation and makes decisions that could be done by the employee, for example, decide when their work is most efficient and how to arrange their responsibilities between home and work.
  10. Remote work transition for corporates – Coronavirus is not only a disease but also a cultural and economic event. It requires us to change the way we work, putting pressure on employers to enable such changes. Remote work is becoming a must, how to make sure it doesn’t turn into a mess and companies can continue functioning?
  11. Forecast-20 – There is no clear understanding of how seasonality impacts the virus spreading and if we should take into account weather/climate when preparing to deal with the numbers.
  12. Coronabot – People have questions about the virus and situation but can’t get answers (offices closed, phones jammed). Need a quick channel for asking questions and getting answers.
  13. Statebot – An automated solution to answer basic and official info in times of crisis as well as outside of it. Goal to release resources at state info channels.
  14. Database for medically trained volunteers – How to use medically trained volunteers in crisis situations. Today organizations have no clear overview of the volunteer competences in the society and they lack a needed database to manage, find people with suitable competences and call them to action.
  15. NotAlone – Emotional and mental support platform for the quarantined.
  16. Ventit – We are building a cheap and easy to set-up mechanical ventilator for the hospitals to deploy in the case of a pandemic. Why? So the doctors wouldn’t have to choose who lives bc there are not enough ventilators to go around.
  17. Remotely – Provide tools and best practices for teams forced to work remotely for the first time.
  18. SME Survival Maker – Help small and medium-sized enterprises handle the crisis.
  19. SmartID – Provide SmartID & authentication solutions for rapid development.
  20. LearnPlaySafe – Teach preschoolers Coronavirus safety through a board game.
  21. Volunteer-tasking – Crowdsourcing app to get local community volunteers and assistance to people in need.
  22. Viri – Track local virus spreading and self-report infection status digitally through the application to capture virus infections early.
  23. E-supermarket – An online platform on which all the big supermarkets in town and their stocks will be displayed with the option of contactless delivery.
  24. Kri-assist – An all in one crisis solution where people who are cut off from supplies can find various tailored services, track the situation of crises and find other people to share their experiences with.
  25. Salty bunch – Ultra cheap non-toxic, easily removable coating killing nCoV-2019.
  26. Help community – To virtually connect those who can help with those who need help in local communities for real aid.
  27. Kabe – An application with 2 user types – the infected and the non-infected. We track the location of our users. The user can mark themself infected in which case the location data of the last X days will be compared to non-infected users and based on that change non-infected users’ risk score.

From physical products to various platforms, teams have less than 24 hours left to develop their ideas. Five best ones are selected this Sunday at 6 PM to continue under AccelerateEstonia’s supportive wing. We wish the teams all the best and good luck in developing their prototypes over the course of this weekend with the help of our amazing mentors!

Join the public Slack group for general discussions and updates on the ideas as they grow into working prototypes.

This article was originally published in Garage48 blog.