HeBa: Empowering companies to manage employee mental health

21. Jun 2023

The mental health support market is currently dysfunctional and unable to meet the increasing demand for high-quality specialists. In the absence of proper healthcare practices, employees face significant risks such as burnout, reduced engagement, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These factors not only weigh down the employee’s own health but also hinder company  productivity and lead to higher rates of absenteeism. This in turn means that businesses more than ever before need to be conscious of their workforce’s mental wellbeing.

HeBa’s innovative solution offers concrete measures and strategies to proactively manage mental health by ensuring a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Creating a more harmonious workplace, fostering resilience and empowering your workforce to thrive. 

Experiment solution

To confront these concerns HeBa’s experiment assisted company leadership teams in effectively promoting employee well-being. Rather than focusing on a singular technological solution, HeBa addressed systemic issues using the established Delphi methodology to consolidate expert perspectives on the role and actions of employers. 

They identified six key areas of action and developed practical guidelines and standardized practices to comprehensively manage employee mental well-being. Additionally, they created and tested a digitally augmented service called the “Mental Balance Plan”, which addresses the gap in low-intensity psychosocial intervention groups.


HeBa’s experiment solution implementation proved positive changes:

Vision for the future

HeBa envisions employers embracing their guidelines, resulting in positive transformations that include empowering leaders with essential skills to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment. This nurturing work culture will prioritize well-being, growth, and work-life balance, ultimately cultivating a positive atmosphere. 

HeBa aims to create a nationwide impact guiding the public sector to implement standardized mental health management practices that extend beyond companies, benefiting Estonia’s population and promoting happier, resilient, and more productive individuals.

Ain Aaviksoo