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Our key missions

We are looking for ideas that

  • Provide a game-changing solution to a wicked problem
    in Estonia that can be scaled globally.
  • Develop a significant economic opportunity for Estonia.
  • Create or catalyse systemic change in Estonia through the public sector.

We offer

  • Collaboration with policy owners and public sector influencers to identify systemic enablers and resolve constraints to validating your moonshot from Estonia.
  • A team of evangelists working inside the public sector for maximum collaboration and minimal friction.
  • Covering the costs of the experiment. For selected projects we provide R&D grants.


If Accelerate Estonia did not exist, it should be invented. There is no reason why the innovation and startup mindset should only belong to the private sector – especially in Estonia, where the IT capacity of the public sector is at a high level.
Dmitri Jegorov
ex Ministry of Finance
Dmitri Jegorov
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