Wild Card

Mission description

Last year showed us clearly that we need to be ready for unexpected events and react accordingly. In March 2020, Accelerate Estonia helped to jumpstart Hack the Crisis and Global Hack movements. On a very ad hoc basis, we put our faith in a few teams that were able to bring relief in the high point of the crisis. 

We do not know yet what 2021 will bring, but we must be ready if Estonia can react quickly and utilise a timely opportunity. So if you have a wild card for us that does not fit the other two missions, we should have a discussion.

Mission Board members

Viljar Lubi
aE idea creator
Siim Sikkut
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Karoli Hindriks
Taimar Peterkop
Government Office
Heidi Kakko
Marko Russiver

Why now?

  • The year 2020 proved once more that together with the technology companies Estonia can turn a crisis into opportunities quickly and effectively. 2021 and the years to come are no different in that regard. 
  • Thorough work with the public sector has shown that the highest level of urgency and the best timing is for missions around mental health and green turn. But urgent problems and opportunities also come in other walks of life: accessibility, future work, cybersecurity, urban planning, export of e-governance solutions etc.  
  • It is crucial that wild ideas that need the attention of the public sector will get into our radar in the right time. If you have an idea for which the timing is right at this very moment, then Accelerate Estonia is ready to consider the whackiest of ideas. 
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