Nomad Security project collects feedback!

17. Jan 2020
Travel and work. Live in a dream.

Nomad Security, one of Accelerate Estonia’s projects, is looking to change the way we provide health insurance and pensions for digital nomads. 

While the number of people working remotely while travelling the world increases, the way social service benefits are structured remains the same. Without a definitive residence or a traditional employment contact digital nomads have left out of the health insurance and pensions systems that “on-location” individuals rely on.

Noman Security is working on finding a way to ensure digital nomads enjoy even more freedom through the security of health insurance and pensions powered by Estonia, one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world.

We’re seeking forward-thinking digital nomads to participate in our exclusive beta program. You’re already part of a growing workforce shift, now you can be part of the movement that shapes its future! JOIN US HERE