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Sentinel’s vision is to establish Estonia as the leading country in the world when it comes to the fight against information warfare.

Countering information warfare

Johannes Tammekänd
Johannes Tammekänd
Countering Information Warfare

As more of us obtain information from the Internet, the sanctity of the global information space is threatened. Hostile countries and companies are using the internet to disseminate targeted disinformation at scale, and manipulate citizens in the process.

We’re already seeing the effects with the burning of 5G towers in the UK, a growing trend of no vaccination advocates, and the manipulation of the U.S 2016 and Brexit elections. Today, information warfare is a direct threat to democracy, and the well-being of our economy and society.


We’ve witnessed a 150% increase in the number of countries launching disinformation campaigns, and losses from the spread of disinformation amounted to $78B in 2019. This growing trend is driven by the application of not only humans creating disinformation but through the use of artificial intelligence – be it deepfake videos, pictures, or news articles.

Thanks to the Bronze Night, our government realized the importance in developing strong competencies in cybersecurity and establishing a comprehensive e-government. That the digital state is as important as our physical one. Because of this, we can now proudly say we are one of the world’s leading countries in such areas.

Today, as a nation, we have the opportunity to further strengthen our position as a leader in matters of cyber security and establish ourselves as a leader in the fight against information warfare. Our solution must be comprehensive, covering education, technology, law, and strategy. It will need to involve multiple parties from the public and private sector, and Sentinel’s involvement will be to develop a technological solution that can detect disinformation and information operations.

What does this mean for Estonia?

With this, we’re creating a completely new market and the growth of businesses within this market, and in the long run economic growth and an increase in societal well-being. In addition, we will assist our allies in the fight against information warfare.

Key Partners:

Republic of Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Republic of Estonia Government Office


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