Girl paying by phone for the tram ticket. Payment by phone.
MaaS XT is a platform which connects all kinds of transportation service providers (bus, train, taxi, car rental, etc.), allowing new kinds of services to enter the market where all purchases needed for a trip can be made on one platform and one transaction.

Digital mobility services

Pirko Konsa
Pirko Konsa
Digital Mobility

What makes MaaS XT unique is the fact that it integrates with all state databases, which enables it to offer travellers user specific services (i.e. discounts arising from law) and allow the public sector to develop new kinds of dotation schemes (i.e. personalized dotation).

MaaS XT raises the appeal of public transit thanks to advancing user experience and availability, which will result in increases in public transit users. As a result, market errors will decrease and many lines which the state has had to organize or subsidize due to low interest from the private sector, can be organized on a commercial basis which reduces the state’s financial burden.

Better organized and more available public transport increases its usability, which reduces the public’s expenses on transit (dependence on personal transportation) and the negative environmental impact from transportation.

The public sector gains the possibility of offering flexible and personalized solutions/services like social/educational/hospital transportation, subsidising them on a need-to-use basis and automatically (decreasing administrative burden).

At the present moment we lack knowledge of where from and where to people are moving. Thanks to MaaS XT we will find out, because people will plan their journey from start to finish on one platform. As a result we will get data to better plan the state’s long term investments in public transit and also react to short term changes in the public’s needs’.