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Thinking in Billions 2024

7. May 2024

Unveiling Thinking in Billions 2024: Fostering Innovation and Resilience

As spring unfolds, the air is buzzing with the excitement of gathering forward-thinking minds at Thinking in Billions alongside Latitude59. We are happy to announce yet another official side-event, set to ignite discussions and drive innovation on May 22nd: Thinking in Billions 2024.

Teaming up with Latitude59, the Ministry of Economics Affairs and Communications, and Startup Estonia, we’re gearing up for an event that promises to push boundaries and inspire change. So, what’s on the agenda this time?

At the core of Thinking in Billions 2024 lies a pivotal question: “How can countries serve as legal testbeds for groundbreaking innovation and resilience?” Regulations wield significant power—they can either foster innovation and economic growth or hinder progress.

This year, we’re dedicated to exploring how governments can create legal frameworks that act as playgrounds for experimentation. These frameworks empower companies to navigate regulatory landscapes while pioneering groundbreaking solutions. But it’s not just about innovation; resilience matters too.

The intersection of defense technology and civilian applications, known as dual-use, is critical for driving both military advancements and civilian progress. Governments hold the keys to unlocking potential, facilitating regulatory sandboxes, providing guidance, resources, and the necessary flexibility.

Through collaborative efforts, innovators, regulators, and investors can effectively navigate emerging technologies, nurturing a dynamic ecosystem of innovation.

The event will feature insightful panel discussions covering HealthTech, AI, and Defense Tech, offering deep dives into the latest trends and challenges in these sectors.

We’re happy to announce that Tiit Riisalo, Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology, will deliver the opening remarks. Leading the event as head moderator is Sandra Särav, Deputy Secretary General for Economy and Innovation.

Additionally, we have two highly anticipated keynote speakers:

Ready to join us? Secure your spot by registering here. We can’t wait to see you there, as we collectively shape the future of innovation and resilience!