Estonia knows how to digitalise the government. Now we take international transport and logistics.

Digital real-time ecosystem for logistics

Despite technological advances, international consignment notes, transit, export and import declarations continue to be mainly paper-based. We will make all relevant data available electronically and in real-time for any supply chain participants, including consignors, consignee’s, transport providers, truck drivers and public controlling agencies.

Our aim is to connect all logistics service providers, translate data exchange standards between different transport modes and to build a fully digital infrastructure for the supply chain. It will save time to submit documents as well as eliminates the need to stop and check paperwork on the road. 

We know what is needed for road transportation and we have a solution for that. It’s based on e-CMR standard and as Unified data exchange platform for national and international transport, it meant communication for both at the level of business as well with the state. To create electronically e-CMR, delivery note, transit declaration, import & export declarations, e-TIR and electronic guarantee documents, sign them digitally and make authorized data available for identified persons.


It will be able to exchange authorized and secured shipment data and statuses with Police, NCTSs and other authorities from Finland to Poland as a pilot in the North European corridor.

As in most countries is still paper-based delivery note mandatory, we have initiated the project with international transport carriers and manufacturing companies to share information in real-time and the print paper’s where these are needed. From the States we have agreed to build a prototype from Finland to Poland and we are looking for cooperation with Germany and the rest of European countries. Our initiative is one of the leading projects in the European Union and we are in close cooperation with IRU and European Commission (DTLF).

One of our ecosystem’s cornerstones is Mobi Carnet (http://mobicarnet.eu/), an eCMR solution, developed by Estonian and Finnish Road Carriers Association’s. Under Digiinno Network (https://www.diginnobsr.eu/) we have initiated prototype development between Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish public Authorities, so we will be the first cross-border service provider in Nordic-Baltic region that will be Authorized by the countries in Nordic-Baltic transportation corridor.

Estonian Government has initiated the acceleration program (https://accelerateestonia.ee/en/) for future cross-border services and the transport digitalisation is there as one top priority. 

Our ecosystem is made for international business, it is developed following global standards and expectations for transportation service providers. Even there are already many business networks, systems or services, we are ready to integrate them with us to make global logistics simpler and efficient.